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The texture of a happy life is full of rich social experiences. At the Chateau, you will find a full social calendar that offers activities of all kinds throughout the year. By just being here, social interactions with both your old and your new friends happen naturally. However, when you need a little down time, you can retreat to your apartment and enjoy your own privacy and interests.

The Chateau offers a great selection of daily activities, educational courses, and special entertainment programs for varied interests and tastes. And there are travel adventures of all kinds including Sausalito for lunch, local wineries, picnics, scenic drives, casino and museums etc.

Additionally, scheduled transportation is available for trips to nearby shopping centers, churches, and a variety of recreational pursuits. The Chateau prides itself in connecting you to the things that keep your life rich and interesting. We offer too many social events to list them all, so take a peek at a calendar showing our events for one month.

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